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Alternative energy and energy of nature is more interested scientists, businessmen, tie all the others. The fact is that due to energy Sun, windу, water and Earth can provide the entire population of our planet’s electricity without polluting the atmosphere with.

Our website https://en.alternative-energy.com.ua you can learn about:

  • types of alternative energy;
  • interesting facts about wind, sun, water and land;
  • Domestic and international experience in the use of alternative energy for energy independence from fossil fuels.

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Experience of the world


    The Dnipro city will soon set up a test site for...

    In February of this year, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine made a statement to build a testing ground for the innovative attraction of...

    Experience of in Ukraine


      How long can solar modules last?

      Now when the owner of a private house decides to install a solar power plant, the primary issues are "what price of solar panels?"...

      Tenacity of the interval between series of solar abilities during installation

      In this clause, we desire analyses how it is potential in experience to compute the interval between banks representing predisposed or primer PV organizations....

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      Wind speed*

      Kyyivs’ka Oblast’: 2 m/s 280 deg
      Donets’ka Oblast’: 2.61 m/s 253.503 deg
      Sums’ka Oblast’: 2.31 m/s 58.003 deg
      Chernihivs’ka Oblast’: 4.81 m/s 64.003 deg
      Ivano-Frankivs’ka Oblast’: 3.51 m/s 275.003 deg
      Zhytomyrs’ka Oblast’: 4.16 m/s 315.503 deg
      Khersons’ka Oblast’: 4.91 m/s 290.503 deg
      Odes’ka Oblast’: 3.96 m/s 273.003 deg
      Mykolayivs’ka Oblast’: 4 m/s 290 deg
      Zaporiz’ka Oblast’: 1 m/s deg
      Luhans’ka Oblast’: 5.31 m/s 253.503 deg
      Chernivets’ka Oblast’: 3.11 m/s 304.003 deg
      Kirovohrads’ka Oblast’: 3.81 m/s 275.003 deg
      Khmel’nyts’ka Oblast’: 4.01 m/s 297.503 deg
      Zakarpats’ka Oblast’: 2 m/s 120 deg
      Ternopil’s’ka Oblast’: 3.91 m/s 271.503 deg
      Cherkas’ka Oblast’: 4.11 m/s 282.503 deg
      Kharkivs’ka Oblast’: 2 m/s 330 deg
      L’vivs’ka Oblast’: 1 m/s deg
      Volyns’ka Oblast’: 3.56 m/s 267.003 deg
      Poltavs’ka Oblast’: 2.71 m/s 267.003 deg
      Rivnens’ka Oblast’: 4 m/s 260 deg
      Vinnyts’ka Oblast’: 3.86 m/s 306.503 deg