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Куц Тина

In the region of lower Silesia will construct a new solar power plant of 10 MW


This statement was made by the Solar company Polski SA. According to data from the Polish project contractor, the solar panels will be installed near the town of Jelenia góra (germ. – Hirschberg). Notable is the fact that the solar Park will be built in the shape of a deer, which is a symbol of the nearby town.

As stated by the head of the company William Buba, this development, which is being implemented according to the instructions of the city authorities, will be an example of how local communities in Poland take the lead in the search for energy independence.

The program is embodied under the form of so-called “energy cluster”. This became possible after the reform and adoption of the Law on renewable sources of energy, which stimulates the official contribution of the local Polish communities in local production and redistribution of electrical energy.

According to the data obtained in the course of internal research, the company Polski Solar planned to build 30 000 solar cells are black and blue. Who is the manufacturer of solar panels remains unknown, as the Polish General contractor will not disclose this information. According to the presented data, the cost of development will be about 37 million PLN (approximately € 9 million). Now the company Polski Solar busy implements six such projects in the southern regions of Poland in cooperation with three dozen local communities. Details of construction are kept secret.

In our time has become more popular, the idea of solar dyeing in different colors. With this approach, solar power looks more attractive because they can be given any appropriate shape. Much better than the visualization of brands and initiatives related to the development.

In may 2017 manufacturer of solar panels from China Panda Green shared plans construction of solar power plant of 50 MW, which in its view should resemble the Panda.

This event occurred in accordance with the development Programmed of the United Nations (UNDP) to support its efforts to provide information to young people about sustainable development. This announcement contributed to the development of the visibility of the work carried out by UNDP and visualize your brand, as most of the media along with major publications and TV channels, for months the news about this event. It is worth noting that not so long ago; the designer of solar panels from China changed the name “United PV”, using a more visual – “Panda Green”.

Two of the most successful Ukrainian projects last year have collected a significant amount of funds on the crowdfunding platform.


Ukraine annually presents new and interesting projects to the world community, but the complexity of their implementation is inadequate funding. Those companies that could not find an investor to realize their plan in reality turn to crowdfunding platforms.

The most popular are Indiegogo and Kickstarter. These services have a very simple principle of interaction: starters place their work on them and receive pre-order from different companies or individuals. Thus, the customer receives a guarantee that an innovative product he will be among the first, and starters, in turn, receive their primary market.

Last year, representatives of Ukraine collected more than two million dollars on these platforms.

It is hard to imagine, but an innovative camera from Ukrainian developers collected $ 90,000 in just one day thanks to the crowdfunding platform.

Developers, placing their creation in the spaces of Kickstarter, planned to collect about $ 15,000. This amount would be enough to launch the production of cameras that make instant snapshots. The innovative component of this project is that each camera will made from recycled paperboard or paper. The startup is call Jollylook. The camera does not have any electronics or complicated technical devices. It consists of paper, several lenses and special small cartridges that make instant photos.

The camera cartridge allows you to make ten photos. Its replacement does not cause any difficulty, so even a child can use the camera. The design of the camera is also very interesting – the device is make in the form of a vintage accordion.

The inventor of this camera said that the idea of ​​this device appeared at a time when he explained the principle of this kind of camera for his child.

Interestingly, an innovative camera in the production process needs material (paper or cardboard) less than the traditional camera package. Developers Jollylook assert that for nature, such a camera does not bear absolutely no harm. The case itself is made of a hardboard, which is partially laminate in some places. The camera will cost customers only $ 35.

To capture a picture, you just need to click on the button and wait a couple of minutes.

Another less successful project on the crowdfunding platform was the electric bike. The present invention was present to the public under the name Delfast. This invention is the name of a company specializing in providing courier services.

The management of the company at some point seriously thought over the selection of their employees of vehicles that can travel at least 150 kilometers a day. In addition, the means of travel should not require too much maintenance and operation. The modern market was not able to provide transport that fully satisfied their needs.

It was then that the company’s management took advantage of the services of the team of developers, which were design by the electric bike. The vehicle can travel about four hundred kilometers with a single electric charge.

The idea of ​​this startup was able to collect almost 50 thousand dollars in just one day. The total amount collected by users of Kickstarter was about 165 thousand dollars. The price of electric bike will be 3 thousand dollars. This year, the company-developer will organize production in the territory of China.

Remote chargers will soon replace non-contact charging


Energous from California recently issued an official statement that they received a certificate from the Federal Communications Commission of the United States of America (FCC USA) for the latest development – WattUp technology. It is a remote charging unit that can provide a wireless charge for batteries of mobile gadgets within a radius of about 1 meter. In this case, there are no restrictions on the type and number of charged devices.

For access, you need a WattUp receiver, which will either be integrated into the mobile, or it will look like an external receiver.

First of all, it is planned to release the corresponding discrete devices, although in the future it is expected that this function will be built-in in household appliances, cars, food points and other public places.

WattUp has some similarities with Wi-Fi, as it will work on a standalone platform, which will allow using the device regardless of the manufacturer of the gadget.

How does it work?

The WattUp ecosystem consists of the receiving and transmitting parts, as well as unique software.

One-shot charge

The main difference between WattUp technology and the currently known wireless chargers is the principle of operation. So, in the second variant electromagnetic induction is applied, whereas the new development transforms the electric power into radiation of the radio part, which then, with the help of the transmitter, is transmitted to the receiver. It was in this connection that WattUp Mid Field needed a FCC certificate as an aggregate that emits radio frequencies. Special programs WattUp not only is able to dynamically redistribute guide charts, but also adapts to the needs of each individual gadget.

Chip Control WattUp

The inventors of this unique technology claim that the function of the device is fully automated and works only in the case of the need for recharging. While the direct contact method can only be used for accelerated charging.

WattUp Household appliances

Based on official information from the company, it can be argued that Energous is by far a unique development that is compatible with Wireless Charging 2.0 and at the same time supports the function of the remote and contact method of the charger.

In the plans of Energous developers the introduction of the WattUp transmitter into almost all types of home appliances – from TV sets to the “smart home” system.


Based on the official description of this technology, in the future it is planned to improve it, which will be associated with an increase in the distance of remote charging to almost 5 meters, which expands the diameter of action to a figure just below 10 meters (up to 30 feet).

Prospects in the world market

For today, the exact time of WattUp technology’s release to the world market is not yet known, although taking into account the receipt of the required certificate indicates that everything is ready for large-scale commercialization of the project and mass production. For the first time, the newest sample of the WattUp device will be presented at CES2018, which is expected to be held in Las Vegas, Nev., Just the other day, January 9-12.

The results of the current year: our country has put into operation biogas complexes, the total capacity of which was 7.3 megawatts


During this year, 4 stations operating on the basis of biological gas were opened on our territory. Experts estimate that the total capacity of the objects is more than seven megawatts. It should be noted that in the dynamics of the introduction of alternative enterprises noticeable significant increase – more than 24 percent. In 2016, Ukraine had a bit more than 30 megawatts of capacity from biogas plants. Experts from the representatives of biogas enterprises distinguish the complex of the company “Ukraine-2001”, the first stage of which has a capacity of just over five megawatts.

The leading positions in power among biogas enterprises is located on the territory of the “Myronivsky Hlibprodukt” complex. The power of this object is almost 5.7 megawatts.

However, the biogas station Astarta-Kyiv received the recognized championship on the territory of Ukraine. The work of the complex is aim not at the generation of electricity, but in the partial replacement of natural gas, which serves as fuel for various industrial processes. It should be note that at the same time the capacity of the complex is slightly less than 14 megawatts.

During the current year, the biogas station, located in the city of Theophilop on Khmelnytskyi, issued a green tariff. Other companies will be actively involved in this issue already in early 2018.

In turn, the biogas plants of the company “Elita” and “Sigma” are in the process of designing the “green” tariff.

According to experts, the registration of a green tariff for biogas plants covered 5 firms during the current year:

– “Danosha”;

– “Сільгосппродукт”;

– MHP;

– Avant-Garde;

– “Ukraine-2001”.

At the end of last year, a biogas plant stationed in the territory of the agro-firm “Avangard” was putting into operation in Ukraine. Its power was more than three megawatts.


In addition, it became know that from the beginning of 2018, the launch of new biogas plants is plan. The capacity of these complexes will be estimate at around 18 megawatts.

17.5 megawatts of these capacities will be add to these capacities, which will be supplied by biogas complexes in “Danosha”, “Gals-Agro”, “MHP” and “Agroservice”.

It should also be note that in the winter of the current year, the first in our country, the chemical laboratory of the company Ekoprode became the owner of the certificate. This document regulates its activity in the field of measurement of biogas production parameters.

Stationary ecomonitoring posts installed in three cities of the Dnipro region


The owners of three stationary ecomonitoring posts were the Dnieper, Pavlograd and Nikopol. Modern equipment was covered in a project previously developed by a scientific group, which included representatives of the Dnipro Regional State Administration, the regional council and the public eco-council, adm.dp.gov.ua.

Pavel Hazan, a member of the permanent council of the Regional Council for Ecology and Energy Conservation, explained that these installations collect and present information based on 14 indicators.

The expert also specified that absolutely any person can now know not only the air temperature, but also the levels of its humidity and pollution. The plans are to disseminate the received data on the Internet, and not for scientific purposes, but for the convenience of the common people and for the improvement of their living conditions.

All information will be distributed in open access to ecoinfo.pro.

To date, the ecomonitoring units are in the testing state. V.Reznichenko, head of the Dnipro Regional State Administration explains: “Ecomonitoring is a project that only recently started working. Stationary installations provide the three cities with maximum information about the state of the environment.

” The purchase of equipment and the installation of posts were realized at the expense of regional budget funds. And, as A.Angurets notes, the head of the OD “Green World – Friends of the Earth”, the main part of the equipment from Ukrainian manufacturers, as it is relatively cheaper to maintain, and the warranty period is two years.

According to the head of the department of ecology and natural resources of the Dnipro Regional State Administration R. Strelets, this initiative allows us to give a real assessment of the state of the environment. “By the end of the year, a project will be presented that will allow us to identify places for installing environmental outposts in the region,” the expert explains. – The statistics, which operate the main polluting enterprises, is not exactly accurate, as it is formed due to calculation methods. Preliminary calculations show that in the territory of the Dnipro region, it is necessary to mount about 50 eco-monitoring stationary posts.

To date, the Dnipro region has been actively involved in the protection of the environment, said V. Reznichenko. “We clean the rivers, eliminate flooding, fill the reservoirs with fish,” he continues. – A mobile laboratory station was recently purchased, which currently operates in the residential area Victory in the Dnieper.

In Kiev, a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists will be build, equipped with solar panels


Kiev Park “Khreshchatyk” will soon be integrate with the Vladimir hill new bridge, and will be equipped with solar panels. The bridge will be designe for pedestrians and cyclists. The solar panels on the bridge will provide environmental lighting.

On December 14 the project plan was approved at a meeting of the town-planning council. According to the plan, the new project will become a full-scale construction, the capacity of which will be calculate not only for pedestrians and cyclists, but also for snow removal equipment. The issue of movement of snow-removing machinery remains relevant for the area, so the new project will be able to solve many problems in bad weather conditions. In addition, the bridge will be equipped with observation platforms, lighting and video surveillance.

According to the construction plan, a bicycle path will be located in the middle of the bridge, six meters wide. It is also plan to install a heating system for the bike path to prevent the accumulation of snow, water and ice in winter – the main problems of the Ukrainian winter.

But the main feature will be the installation of solar panels. They are necessary for the production of electrical energy in an environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly way. The received electricity will be direct to the bridge lighting.

The place for future construction is very difficult in the architectural sense. For the construction of the bridge will need a support not less than 36 meters in height. It will also be very difficult to harmoniously building this bridge into the surrounding architectural environment – the usual bridges here will be out of place. The architects have another difficult task: the bridge should be almost invisible from the left bank of the Dnieper; otherwise, the building will look anesthetically and stand out among other architectural structures.

The zone of construction is reserved; therefore, the project will be transfer to the UNESCO commission for the approval of construction. The length of the bridge is 222 meters. The bridge will be located at a high altitude, in the construction there will be three zigzags.

Features of this strategy will be such that pedestrians on each of the sections of the bridge will be able to see before them different panoramas. From the height of this architectural structure, you can see the key areas of Kiev – Podol, northern regions, the European Square, Troeschin, the banks of the Dnieper, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. However, the main aesthetic idea of ​​the bridge – pedestrians will be able to see Prince Vladimir at the same level with him – the face and clothes of the prince will be as in the palm of your hand. Possibilities so close to see the Grand Duke of Kiev and the guests of the city were not yet.

The bridge will be equipped with a viewing platform with a glass floor. Pedestrians will be able to admire the landscapes of Kiev right under your feet. Lighting of the bridge will be energy saving, and in the future, it is plan to install and illumination at night. In addition, the bridge will be equipped with security systems and video cameras – all with the latest technology.

The construction of the bridge is an important milestone in the combination of tourist cities in Kiev – the bridge will connect two great shrines of the Ukrainian capital – the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the Park of Glory. The construction of the bridge will be fund from the city budget. Already next year, when the project will be approve and some formalities are resolved, the construction of the bridge will finally begin.

The bridge will make the travel between the main tourist sites of the capital comfortable, fast and interesting, and solar panels will make the lighting and video surveillance system work energy saving, economically profitable and environmentally friendly.

A girl from Ukraine has created an Israeli company engaged in the production of electric energy by means of sea waves


Ukrainian Inna Braverman, currently residing in Israel, has implemented a kind of startup – the generation of energy from the waves of the sea. Many such companies have used such technology of electricity generation, and Inna has somewhat simplified and improved it.

Ukrainian argues that building a business in Israel for a young girl was an arsenal task. Due to the gender identity, some of her partners did not perceive the girl as an assistant and ally, and more often as a secretary. This did not prevent Inna Braverman from organizing a successful company and succeeding.


The technology of the production of electricity from sea waves has long been known and mastered by more than one company in the territory of Israel. The only difference between Inna’s company and others is the location of the plant’s capacity. The vast majority of firms in pursuit of energy generation volumes set up equipment at a considerable depth. Undoubtedly, the waves away from the shore (4-5 km) are larger, and hence the amount of electricity generated increases. The problem is that insurance companies flatly refuse to issue insurance for such production, because the probability of damage or destruction of equipment is very high.

In addition, thrown off at the depths of supplies for generating electricity is harmful to animals living in the sea. Greenpeace points out a very categorical position on similar industries because of the frequent cases of death of marine occupants who are entangled in the equipment and can not arbitrarily escape.

Inna Braverman offered to install 90% of the equipment on the shore. Directly in the sea are only special floats, which are also equipped with anti-strike protection (during large waves, they climb above the water).

In addition, Ms. Ina reports that some equipment does not require installation directly in the water. Part of the equipment can be attached to the surface of the waveguides and other already installed in the water fortifications. Thus, this kind of power plant does not harm the environment and the inhabitants of the sea depths.

Another indisputable advantage is that insurance companies are happy to cooperate, because the risk of equipment loss, even during a storm, is minimal.

Ukrainian woman moved to Israel from Cherkassy region. Interestingly, no special technical education girl does not have. She came up to the point of view in terms of economic, not technical, and successfully implemented her plan.

Inna Braverman invited the team of engineers to implement their idea from their native country. She staged a selection on a competitive basis and chose from among three hundred wishing five workers.

At present, projects in the portfolio of the company amount to almost 130 megawatts. The first system installed by Ms. Inna is located in Gibraltar. It is a system to 100 kilowatt, which in the near future will be extended to five megawatts.

In Ukraine, it is planned to create an organization of hydrogen energy


In Ukraine the development of the innovative energy association “Ukrainian Hydrogen Council” is underway.

For the first time the program will be presented during the first national hydrogen energy forum “H2U- Unlimited Energy for Ukraine”, which will be held in May 2018 in Kiev, epravda.com.ua reports.



The main direction of the association, uniting the true masters of the sphere of hydrogen renewable and newest energy in Ukraine – interaction with research institutes, support of scientific projects and energy startups of the youth of our state.

The Council informs in its plans to popularize a new understanding of energy use and introduce innovative and, at the same time, real types of energy-saving consumption. In order to protect the interests of the hydrogen power industry and implement their plans, plans to cooperate constructively with state government bodies and participate in the design of Ukraine’s energy development strategy.

The international group of experts in the field of hydrogen energy proposes to create and head the Ukrainian Hydrogen Association A. Repkin, a businessman who invests a lot of money in this type of energy.

“The Association plans to inform and educate the situation in the country to achieve the most transparent and equal conditions for all project participants.

“In all the developed world, they do not share sources of natural energy, they are formed into powerful and complex energy systems,” he notes. – For example, for hydrogen energy, the primary energy resource is ordinary water in combination with natural solar energy, wind and energy of geothermal water. That is why we propose to join representatives of all types of renewable energy of Ukraine in the Hydrogen Council. ”

It is assumed that the Hydrogen Council, which is called upon to develop these energy systems in our country, will become an equal member of the World Organization of Experts on Hydrogen Energy “Hydrogen Council”. This association is in close cooperation with the world-renowned information technology and analytics agencies, international organizations.

A new bill to create an electronic exchange for the trade in biofuel


In Ukraine, it is planned to create a single system for electronic commerce of biofuels, which will then be approved by the legislative bodies.
According to the project, its operator has no right to carry out any operations with biofuel. Otherwise, the Department of State Energy Efficiency has the right to impose a fine on the offender.

The creation of such an exchange provides that a fifth of all leshozes involved in biofuel sales will use this system in their work. For this purpose, it is planned to assign to forestry the obligation to deliver chips to the nearest traffic junction, most of which will be used in the production of fuel.

This feature is inconvenient and unprofitable for the leshozes, because they will have additional transportation costs. The electronic exchange also proposes to prohibit the burning of a saber.

Full implementation of the system is expected within 5 years, and its use will become mandatory for owners of the “green” tariff. According to the plan, the bill will be introduced in early 2018, and approved in its second half. The system itself will be launched in 2019.

To date, TPP purchases fuel in the leshozes, which participate in the respective auctions every quarter. At the moment, in our country, trades are carried out at auctions in the case of wood sales. For public procurement there is a ProZorro system. In Ukraine, there are about 650 such exchanges, but they are inefficient, have low sales volumes, so they are not able to compete with the new system and will be forced to use it. G.Geleukha, CEO of the Bioenergy Association, notes that this system will help to regulate the price of the fuel market, as now there is a huge price gap – from 500 to 1500 UAH per ton of chips. The use of a similar system in Lithuania reduced the price of biofuels to 20%.

According to the Association, annual growth of up to 40% of biofuels and waste production and more than 25% in total primary energy supplies from these materials are noted.

The new Energy Strategy was approved at the end of the third quarter of 2017. It assumes a reduction in coal consumption with simultaneous increase in the consumption of alternative energy. Forecasts state that by 2035 these figures will be equal.

Pensioner from the Cherkassy region earns about 7 thousand hryvnia with the help of the sun


B. Domnitsky, a regular pensioner living in the Cherkassy region, mounted on the roof of his home a real SES, whose capacity is 10 kW. Fifty-eight panels that work on the energy of the sun not only fully provided it with electricity, but also allow the realization of its remains! Thus, he gets a good increase to the pension in the amount of 7 thousand UAH.

Starting capital he got from selling his business. However, the proceeds were not sent to the deposit, but used them to improve the quality of life. As the pensioner himself says, he accidentally stumbled on the Internet on the SES project on the Internet and became very interested. The acquisition cost him 14 thousand euros and it is worth acknowledging that this is a very profitable investment of money.


A diligent haziyin estimated that his investment will pay off in just 5 to 6 years. After all, the power of solar panels in full enough to provide the house with electricity (including for heating the building), and the remainder of Cherkabolenergo buys from Domnitsky for 5.29 UAH / kWh.

“For one month you can earn up to 7 thousand UAH. It seems to me that this is an excellent addition to pension payments. I do not need to work – the sun does it for me. And on this I get up to 100 000 hryvnia / year! “- rejoices the pensioner.

B.Domnitskiy notes that the purchase of solar panels and their installation proved to be much easier than the design of special permits for using the “green tariff”. He is sure that this happened due to a clear formulation of the goal and a steady adherence to it. Already in three months SES started to bring the first income. His wife fully supported his wife, but now his neighbors can only envy such ingenuity compatriot.

Although, according to the owner himself, he tried with all his might to persuade his acquaintances: “He explained and persuaded, and they only laughed at my idea of making money with the help of the sun.

The needs of the home are not more than 200 kW / month, all the rest is the net profit. Over the past two years, solar panels have generated almost 60 thousand kVA, so that trade does not stop either in summer or in winter. ”

Recently, the pensioner has become interested in another project – own production of solar collectors, which can be used to heat water. Such an invention, he said, will help save more than half of the family’s budget.